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Managed Services

The modern approach to outsourcing your IT enhances your business operations and minimizes your risks. 24/7/365 heartbeat monitoring with reporting, audit trails, asset management and automatic ticket creation utilising best of breed software with four years in-house development. Capitalise on the financial and time investment made by WIT and invest in a true IT partnership to experience the benefits.

Cloud Services

Most of us use cloud computing all day without even realizing it. Heard of Google? Office365? Netflix? Takealot? Shouldn’t your company be considering cloud also?

Transform the way you think about your IT. Enhance your business environment and reduce your IT costs by moving to the cloud. Speak to us about how to make this possible.

IT Challenges

Unreliable and unmanaged systems can result in the downtime of your business. This can result in the loss of data, lack of security, low productivity and frustration.

Let assess your infrastructure and advise on how best to ease the frustration while at the same time ensuring data integrity and best practises.


WIT is an established owner managed IT Service Provider specialising in managed services, technology solutions and outsourced IT services for small and medium businesses. We are driven to provide your business with a modern approach to technology and the support thereof. Our services are based on the philosophy that prevention is better than cure and that the customer should not only see us if something has failed.

We offer proactive and preventative maintenance, striving to stop the issues before they can escalate into big problems. We have a personalised team approach providing our customers with a wealth of resources, from our founding member, John to our team of skilled engineers. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers by guaranteeing our response time to them and by ensuring the uptime of their business.

Why wait until your business is experiencing down time to rethink your service provider? Contact us and find out how your IT infrastructure can work for you.