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Keep your data protected with our complete disaster recovery solution.

When a disaster occurs, whether it’s a natural disaster, cyberattack or power outage, you need to ensure your data is protected and your IT is resilient to prevent data loss. But disaster recovery planning should be unique to your organization, so we build each cloud disaster recovery solution around that premise — from design to implementation.

Your Disaster Recovery as a Service Provider (DRAAS)

With more than a decade of cloud-based disaster recovery expertise, our disaster recovery strategies go beyond simple data backups to ensure all your critical workloads are protected in our third-party cloud environment. Each disaster recovery strategy is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs.

Recovery Point Objective – Define your own recovery point objectives (RPOs) for your VMs or groups of VMs. A checkpoint at the recovery site can store RPO points from 1 to 720 hours.

Failover Design, Implementations & Monitoring – We create and manage the failover process and provide alerts and daily reporting about the failover solution. This provides a critical layer of extra support when it counts.

Partner with WIT as You Managed Service Provider.

Our multi-cloud experts will help your leverage the power of the cloud for your business.

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Exceptional service from the beginning. White glove on-boarding ensures both you and the WIT support team have a defined set of procedures in case of a disaster recovery event.

DRaaS Specific SLA

We crafted an SLA specifically to address the complexities of DRaaS that a generic SLA wouldn’t— because we know what business continuity means for you, your applications, and your revenue.

Managed Failover Tests

Testing your disaster recovery environment monthly ensures everything is working in case of an emergency. WIT's engineers and operations staff will test the recovery process according to the runbook.