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Why Choose WIT?

Growing up in a home where my father was an entrepreneur led to me deciding to do the same.

After my mothers passing in 1992 I inherited a few thousand Rands which made it possible to secure an overdraft to start a small business. Whilst still being employed by Tridonic South Africa, I started up in the spare room of my home and burnt the candle at both ends.

A year later I had my first employee to help me collect goods and assemble machines. In the following year I found I could not cope with juggling full-time employment and running a small business on the side so in 1996 I gave up my well-paying job and with my families blessing committed to the IT sector. It feels like a million years ago but it has proven to be the right choice and I have had many fun, learning experiences along the way as well as made some steadfast friends who have offered support and advice along the way.

Over the years we have innovated some really unique solutions custom designed and implemented for our clients needs, built relationships based on honest business practices and have been fortunate to retain key employees that have enabled us to grow the business to even greater heights.

24 years later, although we have grown, we still believe that “service sells” and if we look after our clients’ interests, the business will look after itself. This has proven itself true numerous times over and I offer my gratitude to those who helped make it happen.