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WIT is a leading Information Technology Solution Provider supporting companies across Southern Africa. Operating since 1992 with over 160 years cumulative IT specific work experience we are positioned to offer an extensive range of Managed Services, Cloud solutions, Hardware, Licensing, Connectivity, Mobility and Consulting Services related solutions. With an option of a Managed Service Level Agreement or Ad-hoc services we can cover the total spectrum of IT support services and integration for your business.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the correct IT support services at feasible price points with careful consideration into the planning and implementation phase to ensure that the solutions work as intended. Whether you are looking at expanding your business, save costs, implement best business practises or simply ensure that your IT environment is running optimally, WIT is sure to be of service.

Client satisfaction and partnerships are of vital importance to us and we always aim to provide each of our customers with the highest level of service and professionalism. Contact us for a list of and contactable references to hear what we do that puts us above the rest.


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John Wileman

In 1992 I decided to start a part time company repairing and upgrading computers, my love of technology started at a young age, growing up in a family with lots of technical expertise, I have a very broad technical knowledge, from years of exposure to electrical, industrial electronics, pneumatics, hydraulic and related industries.

Over the 26 years of dealing with clients from various industries, my role in WIT evolved from that of a technical role to one of being business owner.

My business philosophy has always been “if I look after my clients interest the money will look after itself”

Louis van der Westhuizen
Technical Manager

I have been in the IT services industry for over seventeen years of which twelve have been with WIT. I started at the proverbial bottom and have worked my way up through the ranks to the Technical Manager position due to my hands on experience, technical prowess, having worked with the last seven generations of Microsoft Server architectures and managing the technical team internally over the last five years.

I am the go to guy when it comes to technical solutions and getting issues resolved at customer sites.

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